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The BEST NEW Sensitivity & Settings For PS4 + Xbox! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox) good energivagen.com

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Information The BEST NEW Sensitivity & Settings For PS4 + Xbox! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Title :  The BEST NEW Sensitivity & Settings For PS4 + Xbox! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)
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Frames The BEST NEW Sensitivity & Settings For PS4 + Xbox! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

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Description The BEST NEW Sensitivity & Settings For PS4 + Xbox! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Comments The BEST NEW Sensitivity & Settings For PS4 + Xbox! (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Gronky will pin me!
Comment from : AhmedSZN

why nobody is playing boost. it's actually a good thing to have a low sense but turn around quick when necessary
Comment from : Joshua

I’m a low sens player but I notice when I need to look back I turn to slow that my enemy kills me does anyone recommend anything?
Comment from : Crispyヅ

Jorden Miller
I used noify
Comment from : Jorden Miller

Jared Vidal
So your not gonna put 60fpswithadream 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Jared Vidal

Gronky: PS4 and XBOX sense, me everyone is on Xbox do
Comment from : Caxtion

Adeeb R
Which ones will yall use???
Comment from : Adeeb R

Can yall help me why turning off boost is good
Comment from : Shrugg

Laszlo Ronai
I play on a 88% and 100 %turning boost is that bad
Comment from : Laszlo Ronai

SAGH 8069
Who is the best? 🤔🤔
Comment from : SAGH 8069

Future Gaming972
Since i dont play much fortnite anymore but now that i play today use a 29 29 sensitivity no boost i use 5 5 ads sensitivity and dampeting time 13 percent and im on expo
Comment from : Future Gaming972

Green Thumb Bum
I don’t understand why, but no matter what I put my sense at it just feels awful. 2 days ago, it all felt perfect, but today it was like I was playing on 60 dead zone and insane input lag. Any help?
Comment from : Green Thumb Bum

Adrian bruzual
Comment from : Adrian bruzual

Why they play such low sense ? 42 ,44 and so on
Comment from : Joshua

ATR _Jose
Do they use controll freeks doe?
Comment from : ATR _Jose

Who’s the best skill wise out of all these players
Comment from : YahBoiYeet

Jay Rodriguez
I love your videos, the only constructive criticism I can offer is that your sens videos seem to revolve around higher level players, which you put out more content like for lower players trying to improve like "best sens and keybinds for beginners " and such, other than that keep up the good work
Comment from : Jay Rodriguez

You can’t even edit with these
Comment from : EzCascade

I loved astonish sensitivity as its fast in building now i can build faster than before! Thank you so much for recommending the best sensitivities for all console players :)
Comment from : ImSaim

CAn someone gift me the battle pass?
Comment from : ItsmeKevinLol

Co1by FN
What I learned was it’s prolly better to have a closer to 40-55 sense
Comment from : Co1by FN

Digital Tide
1:17 is when he starts showing the settings :D
Comment from : Digital Tide

What settings do you use gronky?
Comment from : GALAXY LOVER

What is the best deadzone on linear for aim as I can’t find one
Comment from : psycho

Olan Elam
I’m on console I’m gonna try to find my perfect sens around the low 30 to 40% Range
Comment from : Olan Elam

What would be the best for some one who hasn’t played in a few months
Comment from : mr.grind

Apjs IQ
Does anyone play on console not pc
Comment from : Apjs IQ

Smoove Morals
I'm on 44-44 sens/ 2.2-2.4 Build multiplier / 10-10 ADS / 10-5 deadzones
Comment from : Smoove Morals

evri _ tube
The best is nutify
Comment from : evri _ tube

Why do you have to drag us about 11 minutes about sensitivity , just get to the point
Comment from : SZ AMNESTY

Noble Society
Sweet video, keep up with your channel 👀👍
Comment from : Noble Society

Gronky tuexy is on controller on pc so im confused ?
Comment from : Archie

Can som1 tell me witch one u should use
Comment from : XTDS

Owen Foruca
Gronky bro which ones good for a beginner like me??
Comment from : Owen Foruca

cody luong
Gronky what sensitivity do you use and what binds?
Comment from : cody luong

Can someone tell me cartoon yt channel I can’t find him
Comment from : 1xNoah

SCer 06
Am i crazy for having like 40% plus ADS?
Comment from : SCer 06

Comment from : xTextures

Max Garcia
Can someone rank these players from best to worst? Just curious
Comment from : Max Garcia

Nikos Zachary

Don’t mind this it is just a personal timestamp for me

Comment from : Nikos Zachary

Who’s settings in this video should I use
Comment from : YumYumNova

Gronky what are YOUR settings
Comment from : Hix_Tropicz

Gronky will never pin me.
Comment from : Miglet

Gaming_ Films
Nice vid but in order to be good at fortnite you have to be comfortable with your sens
Comment from : Gaming_ Films

Faze Sway has the best settings for console players. Check out his newest settings video
Comment from : CloudzYT

Chaos Clips
You talk so fucking weird please shut the fuck up
Comment from : Chaos Clips

YT Whizper
What about people with shakey hands
Comment from : YT Whizper

Christian A. Blackwell
My name cbnati0nn3 it’s finna leave🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Christian A. Blackwell

Christian A. Blackwell
Can u gift me the dream skin 🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Christian A. Blackwell

21-I am Insane
Comment from : 21-I am Insane

My ADS : 23 Hori and 24 Veri wtf pros wheres youre aim on Expo with ADS xD I can understand the Linear guys with this low ADS but Expo lol, I will try some of them later out but I must say why are there everywhere 0 Boost ? They should try this stuff out it helps alot ingame.
Comment from : DeaZzZeR

Kristofarr Brev
So which one is best then
Comment from : Kristofarr Brev

GiantDolphn 467
Thanks for the amazing settings clapping in zone wars
Comment from : GiantDolphn 467

kip on 144 hz
i used vblazifieds and i have terrible drag help plz?
Comment from : kip on 144 hz

I subbed with that bell
Comment from : Breezyfoil77680

Who’s is the best when your new to linear
Comment from : Arcticpunk2005

EpicMaster Err
Here is the average linear settings for linear pros in this video:
Look Horizontal Speed: 43
Look Vertical Speed: 41
Ads Horizontal: 10
Ads Vertical: 10
Move Stick Deadzone: 9
Look Stick Deadzone: 8
Look Dampening Time: 0.20

Comment from : EpicMaster Err

Classy Alex
What’s the difference between linear and exponential. What would you recommend?
Comment from : Classy Alex

Josh Dejewski
astonish was the best for me
Comment from : Josh Dejewski

RNG Epic
0 kills I am good at the game
Comment from : RNG Epic

RNG Epic
I played 2 games on both and placed 90th
Comment from : RNG Epic

Young kid
Comment from : Young kid

Clark Prather
Definitely does not work sense is actually dog
Comment from : Clark Prather

2:11 this is best setting try it if it helps 🙏
Comment from : Minecraft122521

Olt Lecaj
So what are the best seetings?
Comment from : Olt Lecaj

Dallas Terrell
Which is the best to use
Comment from : Dallas Terrell

Jacob Cazares
Anyone here 1925
Comment from : Jacob Cazares

Mario Alejandro Jaime Laínez
Gronky, talk about motion blur
Comment from : Mario Alejandro Jaime Laínez

Thx gronky for all the tips
Comment from : Lanim

Cole Breese
What’s the difference between exponential and linear?
Comment from : Cole Breese

i cant change my sensitivity for the sniper
Comment from : ChrisFergie

Will 14
Plz show everyone your own settings because your a beast !!!
Comment from : Will 14

Great Video....Would you be willing to make one just like this for Pc Controller Players Pls... Thx again for the great video and ur efforts to help everyone....
Comment from : MrEadap

Phantom GG
Let’s go astonish is here
Comment from : Phantom GG

1:09 Thank me later!
Comment from : ItsmeKevinLol

Dawid D
Interesting . Lot of linear players but ALL on low sensitivity . For me all under 50 is just too low .

What about deadzones , everybody say u schould go as low as u can but some of good players are using 8/12

Comment from : Dawid D

Noble Society
Enjoyed the video 👏 Mind checking us out?
Comment from : Noble Society

Aspsmon XeviXXX
So which one is the best setting
Comment from : Aspsmon XeviXXX

Abc Efg
Can anybody comment me which settings I should use and which is the best settings???
Comment from : Abc Efg

Jayden Paulse
I love gronky's videos and I'm about to use his code
Comment from : Jayden Paulse

Desmond Scott
Why don’t they use any boost especially for ads?? I thought it helps you turn quicker in close fights
Comment from : Desmond Scott

itzWill Games
I have a genuine question. I play on exponential but what’s the difference between them?? I want to become faster on fortnite. I play on ps4, I’m pretty good, just want some settings to play smoother and record some matches :D. PS. Not promoting my channel, have a nice day everyone! <3
Comment from : itzWill Games

Thanks im aimbot now
Comment from : Not_gn

do they use kontrol freeks bc if they don’t idk how they move 😂
Comment from : bottledaqua

just a cock waiting to be jacked
haven’t played fortnite in 7 months and have no idea what my settings should be so now im here
Comment from : just a cock waiting to be jacked

Rain Victoryy
Yo I know Apostle in real life
Comment from : Rain Victoryy

Napolix Tube
I've the best setting, watch my video
Comment from : Napolix Tube

Jeremy Orellana Marcia
wow this is so good but i dont know which one is on ps4 but all of these players play on a gaming computer.
Comment from : Jeremy Orellana Marcia

Voyd HD
Its so good
Comment from : Voyd HD

Voyd HD
What is that music gronky is using in the background
Comment from : Voyd HD

Gary Cain
Only problem I find with low deadzone is you get drift
Comment from : Gary Cain

Loveru Momo
Check out ytdropz. He’s a good console player too
Comment from : Loveru Momo

zox gaming yt
Someone tell me
Comment from : zox gaming yt

zox gaming yt
Linear or exponential
Comment from : zox gaming yt

Really Niger
They all got an high sensitiviti
Comment from : Really Niger

House of Games


Comment from : House of Games

Anyone else aim assist broken and does not do anything even though it is at max
Comment from : HG KRMA

Hadan Urrutia
Thx this actually help t


Comment from : Hadan Urrutia

Vadizy sens is basically mine but i raised my ads to 11 so i cld move the sniper faster
Comment from : ELITE

Dylan Gray
What's your own settings
Comment from : Dylan Gray

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